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¿What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing)?

¿What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing)?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a set of information systems that allows the integration of the key operations of a company, from sales, production, logistics, inventory, shipments, electronic invoicing and accounting, thats what a ERP is.

ERP systems for companies are business administrative systems that simplify key aspects of the organization from planning, manufacturing, finance, sales and product delivery.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are the management information systems that integrate and manage many of the businesses associated with the production operations and distribution aspects of a business. company in the production of goods or services.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a term derived from Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) and followed by Material Requirement Planning (MRP); However, ERPs have evolved towards subscription models for the use of the service (SaaS, cloud computing).

ERP systems typically handle company production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices, and accounting in a modular way. However, enterprise resource planning or ERP software can be involved in controlling many business activities such as sales, deliveries, payments, production, inventory management, quality management, and human resource management.

ERP systems are occasionally called back office (back office) since they indicate that the client and the general public do not have access to it; likewise, it is a system that deals directly with suppliers, not only establishing a relationship management with them (SRM). However, progressively the ERP software tends to occupy all the spaces of the organization, absorbing the functions of the CRM. In fact, the major CRM producing companies in the world were absorbed by ERP software companies in the last ten years.

ERPs worked widely in companies. Among its most common modules are those of manufacturing or production, storage, logistics and technological information, they also include accounting, and usually include a human resources management system, and marketing and strategic management tools.

The latest generation ERPs tend to implement in their circuits administrative abstractions such as MECAF (Formalized Administrative Circuits Expression Method), or Formalized Administrative Notation (FAN) which provide great flexibility to describe different circuits used in different companies. This simplifies regionalization and adaptation of ERPs to different vertical markets.

ERP for Companies in Mexico

An ERP suitable for companies in Mexico in addition to being a complete set of business applications for Sales, CRM, Project Management, Production, Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources, it must also be Complete, Modular and Flexible .

Complete An ERP is a complete set of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Financial Management and many more.

Modular ERP’s unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and add other modules later. Customers maintain the benefits of an integrated system.

Flexible An ERP allows you to customize the user interface, search views, reports and manage the business process in just a few steps. Furthermore, the system can be used locally or via the web. All that is needed is a browser.

At DESITEG, as an ERP consultant and implementer, we guide you through all stages, from process mapping, implementation and support, with a focus on the solution, good practices, including only what your company needs, ready to expand functionalities when be necessary.

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