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ERP for small business

ERP for small business

Mexican SMEs optimize resources with an ERP, save time and money

ERP for small business benefit from integrating an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to optimize their processes. Thanks to the low cost of implementation and ease of use, it allows you to optimize key operations from sales, production, logistics, inventory, shipping, electronic invoicing and accounting.

ERP systems provide benefits such as cost reduction, supply chain integration, better internal communication and database unification, allow a global vision of all processes to be obtained and guarantee efficient management with minimal investment.

The Mexican business sector is mainly made up of micro, small and medium-sized companies, many of which do not manage to exceed 5 years of life due to poor resource management and the complexity of the processes that require precision and efficiency.

Companies must make the most of the resources to contribute to real economic growth in Mexico and can only achieve this with dynamic operations that are adaptable to market variations.

ERP for small business optimize key processes: from sales, manufacturing, production, warehousing, logistics, accounting, human resource management system, electronic invoicing, marketing tools and strategic management.

The main benefits that an ERP brings to SMEs are: measurement and cost reduction; agility, through structured processes; integration of the supply chain, production and administrative processes; better communication between the different areas of the company; and the unification of databases. All this allows to improve decision-making and optimize resources to the maximum.

ERP for small business in Mexico with minimal investment

An ERP suitable for companies in Mexico in addition to being a complete set of business applications for Sales, CRM, Project Management, Production, Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources, it must also be Complete, Modular and Flexible .

One of the main characteristics of an ERP is that it is made up of the same system that works for any size of company and allows its scalability according to the needs of each organization; It will only be necessary to use the functionalities you need and extend them when necessary:

Complete An ERP is a complete set of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Financial Management and many more.

Modular ERP’s unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and add other modules later. Customers maintain the benefits of an integrated system.

Flexible An ERP allows you to customize the user interface, search views, reports and manage the business process in just a few steps. Furthermore, the system can be used locally or via the web. All that is needed is a browser.

DESITEG as an ERP consultant and implementer, we guide you through all stages, from process mapping, implementation and support, with a focus on the solution, good practices, including only what your company needs, ready to expand functionalities when be necessary.

At DESITEG we do a process mapping in your company; We analyze your users, and implement only what you need. Performing an initial data upload to facilitate immediate operation, We train on site by department; We program and develop components and special requirements.

desiteg July 2, 2021
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